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Item Notebook, Small bottle of ink, two feathered pens, A Broken pictured locket
Weaponry None
Gender Female
Age Adult
Origin Species Human
Height 5'5"
Weight 127lbs.
Stats Attack=74
Special Attack=144
Special Defense=111
Health Points 135
Experience Points 6769( Mediem Fast)
Hunger 100/100
Thirst 100/100
Profession - 0 Smithing
- 0 Alchemy
- 0 Enchanting
Pokédex Entry Espeon is extremely loyal to any Trainer it considers to be worthy. It is said that this Pokémon developed its precognitive powers to protect its Trainer from harm.
Level 47
Ability Synchronize
Nature Timid (+Speed -Attack)
Characteristic Often lost in thought ( +Spec. Attack)
Moves (Starting) Helping Hand 20/20
(Level) Morning Sun 5/5
(Level) Psychic 10/10
(TM) Protect 10/10
History She started like every other human trainer would, come of age have dreams of becoming the best pokemon trainer ever and their first pokemon. Sarah that was her name started with a small eevee as her first pokemon, so thrilled she ran back home with it in her arms to show her mother and start her journey with her new best friend. Her next pokemon she got was a pidgy and from there many more. She trained daily with them and camp under the stars of a evening. Gym battles were the next stepping stone in her long journey and she proved to be a talented trainer time and time again. Her eevee now a espeon having reached the new level of friendship. Then the worst happened.

A evil sickness erupts from seemly no where, humans fled and pokemon died and walked again. Her dream turned nightmare as one by one she was losing her closest friends. Rapidash was the first, Lapres was the second last. When her closest friend Espeon that she grew to call Helia started to show signs of this infection she came down to two choices, kill her best friend now or watch her chance into a monster. Sarah took her hand gun, placed a last goodbye into the the espeon's head. Her best friends blood now on her hands as she took the small red jewel to remind her of her best friend. Lost and discouraged she found another human, in a hidden lab who claims he found the cure to this madness. The next stage of evolution for humanity and pokemon alike,agreeing to his terms she allowed the testing willingly with nothing else to lose.

Cries of pain and agony, then nothing but darkness. A white light, a long pokemon comes into view with markings of black red and gold. She had never seen this pokemon, what was it. Drifting off again, the pokemon was gone. Waking up again on a beach, the sound of water behind her as she slowly came back around lifting her heavy head. She blinks getting herself up right to some where that she couldn't remember some place new, an island clean and beautiful. Getting up she felt strange, looking at herself she noticed a furred limb wrapping around her leg a tail split at the end. Hearing voices stronger then she could have before she looked up seeing other people, as they come and help her she didn't think it strange that they were not pokemon nor human but a mix of both. She was a mix of both no longer human but also not a pokemon, but a nagging thought buried into her head.

Someone she lost someone that was close , She gave herself a name when asked she was Helia a name she couldn't forget thinking it was her name. She was brought back to a small town and was allowed to stay and get set up with her own small hut like house and some clothing as she requested. She was shown around by a friendly male, she was accepted as she was even found herself a new hobby.

A self proclaimed scholar every since she was young, Helia has always had an invested interest in knowledge. When she was younger she didn't really take to what most of the guild was doing and remained more in town watching the teams coming back from their adventures. Listening in on every tale and even writing notes down, for later story telling to some of the younger folk in the village. Though she would not go with the teams she would try and offer them her healing abilities and greatest condolences for the returning members that may of failed the trip. Finding herself confronted with the need to help more while completing this task, she has uncovered a new passion which she sets out to complete. Having saved up enough Xai she set out to find a valuable TM that would allow her to be even more knowledgeable in the field knowing the great risks to herself. She set out now to find a team that will take her.
Appearance A rather small built female that shows more signs of a human then a pokemon. She is Human in appearance and stance with human like Head, chest, arms, and with slightly anthropomorphic legs standing upright. Each of the long arms end in a hand with light purple nails, and purple nailed toes. On her face are set two Violet blue orbs of eyes that seem to glitter in the sunlight. Long violet purple hair cascades down her back tied up in variety of knots and styles in hopes to keep it out of her face. Long ears set on the upper part of her head with fur muffs on the tips.The trademark red jewel in in a hair clip that she will always wear in her hair. A long slim tail set just above the curve of her rump that splits at the end into two parts. The skin that covers Helia is pale with a bare touch of undertones violet. She is commonly seen in almost Asian like kimono's of purple silks and white fabrics, the most seen is her sash around her waist with a distinct sun marking in gold threads. She is sometimes seen wearing 'sandles' when expecting to need them in the terrain
Personality Helia is usually shy and suspicious of those she has not or only just met. She does not trust lightly though she is always ready to voice her opinion when she believes others are acting stupid or are about to. Having a high level of tolerance, there are those who do make her bad side and tend to remain there, even though she may show a friendly exterior towards them. Cute and a bit clumsy in her own ways.
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Helia The Espeon
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