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 Setzer Lazzo the Honchkrow (Shop Keeper)

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PostSubject: Setzer Lazzo the Honchkrow (Shop Keeper)   Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:13 am

Setzer Lazzo
Text Color #63D1F4 Surf
Item [Decorative]A basic Steel Longsword, a mysterious purple ribbon.
Gender Male
Age Mature Adult
Origin Species #430, Big Boss Pokemon Honchkrow
Height 6'02"/1.8m
Weight 173lbs/78.4kg
Stats HP: 150
Atk: 140
Def: 64
Sp. Atk: 95 
Sp. Def: 61
Spd: 90 
Health Points 150
Experience Points 5607 Medium Slow
Hunger 100/100
Thirst 100/100
Profession Shop owner, Arcana.
- 0 Smithing
- 0 Alchemy
- 0 Enchanting
Pokédex Entry "If one utters a deep cry, many Murkrow gather quickly. For this, it is called "Summoner of Night.""-X Pokedex
Level 43
Ability Super Luck - Raises the critical-hit ratio of moves by one level.
Nature Adamant (+Attack, -Special Attack)
Characteristic Alert to sounds(Speed IV's)
  • Night Slash [Tutor(Reminder)]
  • Theif [TM]
  • Swagger [Level]
  • Aerial Ace [TM]
  • History -Grew up an orphan
    -Stole a lot and got really good at it.
    -Became a sky pirate
    -Mellowed out and now runs a quaint little shop
    Appearance Insert smugness here
    User Notes
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    Setzer Lazzo the Honchkrow (Shop Keeper)
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