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 Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP]

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Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP]   Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP] Icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2016 6:50 am

Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP] MxmRImz

Text Color #0066FF
Item None
Weaponry None
Gender Genderfluid Female
Age Young Adult
Origin Species #??? Rahneko - The Regal Pokemon (Normal Type)
Height 6'01"
Weight 128 lbs.
Stats Insert Stats Here
Health Points Insert HP Here
Experience Points Insert number of max XP and category here
Hunger 100
Thirst 100
Profession - 0 Smithing
- 0 Alchemy
- 0 Enchanting
Pokédex EntryThis pokemon once belonged to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It is known for its two tails and vijolents.
Level 55
Ability Limber; The Pokémon cannot be under the PARALYZE condition while having this ability.
Nature Bold [+Defense, -Attack]
Characteristic Alert To Sounds [+Speed]
  • Power Gem [Level 32]
    • PP: 20

  • Assurance [Level 49]
    • PP: 10

  • Dream Eater [TM85]
    • PP: 15

  • Hypnosis [Breeding]
    • PP: 20
History Insert History Here
Personality Insert Personality Here
User Notes Insert User Notes Here
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Duma the Rahneko Hybrid [WIP]
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