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PostSubject: Omen Central- Ill Omens   Omen Central- Ill Omens Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 3:02 pm

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Pay heed to our warnings, mortals, for they may save you from a terrible fate.

Quote :
Warnings to post in teams will be announced here, by the warning moderators. It is strongly advised that everyone watches this thread and checks it regularly to make sure that no one suffers.

As mentioned in the Rules thread under the Character Absence section, a character is given three days to post, starting at the moment the team member before them posts, which begins their turn.

In here, the Warning Thread, the warning mods will post warnings for those who are on their third day and have not yet posted, and also for those who have breached their time limit and get an Omen death warrant. Those who have been marked for Omen death will have "DEATH" written after their character's team, name, and user.

This way, it will be easier to take a look at who is getting a warning for both the users and administrators, and to send out the Omens.

For those who do not completely understand the Warning system, here it is, broken down:

In a team, the turns for posting cycle around in order, from the character on the very top of the team sheet, to the very bottom, before resetting and starting with the team leader after the last person in the team sheet has posted (unless there are Floaters).
Each member has exactly three days to post. On the third day, you will get a warning, which will be posted on this thread by a warning moderator.
If you fail to post on the third day, even after having been given a warning, on the fourth day (exactly twenty-four hours after the warnings from the previous day have been posted) your character will die via Omen.

For those who need a visual guide, let's say that User A posted on November 22nd. User B is next in turn on the team sheet.

23rd: First day; safe.

24th: Second day; safe.

25th: Third day; warning for User B that will be announced here.

26th: Fourth day; User B's character that failed to post is killed by an Omen*.

*Those who have not yet posted their first post in their respective teams will simply be taken out of the team instead. However, this will still go into their record as an attack.

Posting after a death warrant has been issued is strictly forbidden.

Approximately ten minutes are allotted after the death warrant has been reached (due to time differences), but no longer than within that time frame are you allowed to post. Do not chance going over the forum time, as your characters' lives may be at stake.

If they are posted any later than that, the post will be deleted, and the member will be punished with an omen attack that cannot be stricken from their record, if not a general warning issued.

This is to ensure that there are NO confusions regarding time zones, so that will no longer be an excuse for not keeping up with posting.

Please note that the times of Warnings are based off of Darkfalls' forum time, which everyone's should be set to Mountain Time, also listed as Denver, Edmonton UTC 07:00 in Preferences.
If your timezone is not set to the correct timezone, go to your Profile > Preferences Tab. At the bottom, there should be a drop down menu of the time zones. Simply find Denver, Edmonton UTC 07:00 and click on it, save, and your time will match the rest of the forum's.
The reason that the timezone should be set to US Mountain Time is to keep things simple and organized. All of the warnings will be synchronized to be posted at that timezone, including the time you must post by. After a warning is posted, the user that has been warned has exactly 24 hours to post, or their character will be killed.
You can find the forum time at the top left of the forums, on the main page. You also have the option to change the format of your clock, so you don't have to read in military time. The option to change clock format is also in the Preferences tab.

This will minimize confusion and make sure nobody gets killed before their time.

NOTE: This ONLY applies to the individual who hasn't posted on time, and not the rest of the team.

If, for some reason, are unable to regularly check the Warning Thread, please let us know. You are still responsible for keeping up with your own teams, but we may be more inclined to be lenient if you have a valid reason for not being completely aware.
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