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PostSubject: Omen Central- Back From the Void   Omen Central- Back From the Void Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 3:09 pm

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     We have all seen loved ones die, and we all wish to reverse that. While I cannot help everyone, I can bring back a select few with me from the other side. However, this is a dangerous and difficult process, so this privilege is only for those that have proven themselves by earning a Revival Ticket.
  • Revival tickets are given only to those that have earned Diamond Ranking and have saved up 500 Xai.
  • These points must be earned, and not given by others.
  • This is a huge privilege not to be taken lightly for each person only gets ONE Revival Ticket, ever.
  • Since it is them that have earned the right to the ticket, Revival Tickets are non-transferable.

  • NOTE: These tickets may not be used to revive another member's character; they can only be used for your own characters.

    Requirements for undead revival:

  • Discoloration remains
  • No body deterioration
  • No mental deterioration
  • Extreme anger/pain triggers violent behavior
  • Memory lapse of violent episodes that stem from said anger or pain

  • Quote :
    If you plan on killing one of your own characters by omen contract or other method AND you wish to use your resurrection ticket on them later, you MUST note in the character profile (in user notes, and use red lettering) that you wish to do so.
    Also, when you make your final post as that character, state again that you plan on resurrecting them, and you don't wish for the body to disappear. If you don't make an OoC note, the body will be free game.

    You may only edit your character profile before the death occurs, not after.

    These characters' bodies cannot be completely destroyed/eaten after time of death by other members or omen. Members still have the rights to their own characters, especially because of the requirement of a body for the resurrection ticket to work. Members' characters who plan on eating dead bodies should pay attention to the OoC messages of the members' character and make sure they don't have future plans for it.

    -This of course, does NOT apply to omen attacks due to lack of posting. Once your character is attacked, their bodies in RP are relinquished. Omen attacks are a form of punishment, so you lose certain privileges.

    Edit 7/14:
    Enchanted Feathers may be used in place of Giratinas' Void Return. 
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    Omen Central- Back From the Void
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