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 SH Management- The Inactivity Thread

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PostSubject: SH Management- The Inactivity Thread   SH Management- The Inactivity Thread Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 3:43 pm

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The Inactivity Thread is where you can request to have your characters taken out of their teams.

In your request, simply put the name and current guild of your Pokemon, along with a link to its profile, current team, and leaving post.

Snitch wrote:
With regret, I’d like to place (linked Character Name) of (linked Guild Sheet) into inactive, please.

Leaving post is (linked leaving post) here.

With that done, the mods in charge of the inactivity thread will do the rest. You will have the ticket your character took refunded, they will be taken out of their team, and safely placed as an inactive profile.

NOTE: If you do not place the link to the character's profile, as well as its current team, the request will be ignored.

  • Leaving posts are immediate, whether it's your turn or not.

Feel free to ask questions if you feel that you do not understand.
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SH Management- The Inactivity Thread
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