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 SH Management- The Safehouse Thread

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PostSubject: SH Management- The Safehouse Thread   SH Management- The Safehouse Thread Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 3:57 pm

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This the the Safehouse thread! It's where you weary survivors can stay (for a limited time) for some much needed rest and time away. You can post here with your inquiries to the Safehouse, or post saying that you wish to be placed in/taken out. I advise you guys stay safe and check here regularly to see who is away on your teams.

Please read and be familiar with the Safehouse Rules before using the Safehouse!

So what happens here? Once you make a post including the proper links and the amount of time you wish to stay a Safehouse mod will place you in. Your name will appear in the Safehouse List along with your deadline and the word "AWAY" will appear on each of your characters teamsheets. Your characters will then be safe and free from posting for the length of your stay. If you post here saying you would like to be taken out, you may post in your RP teams immediately without waiting for us to take you out. Please note that your warnings timer starts again as soon as you post to be removed.

Make sure to include the links to each characters respective team sheet or an updated character sheet when placing them in the Safehouse. If not done so, your request will be denied!
Please also include the number of days you wish to enter. If no number is stated you will be placed for three days.

This is not to be abused and improper use of the Safehouse will be monitored. Post and Death warrants dodging will not tolerated:

"Make sure to read the warnings carefully and be diligent in your posting. The Safehouse doors are closed to those whoms' names are marked with "Death" beside it whether they've already met their fate or have yet time to rewrite it. Those seeking the Safehouse after the Death warnings have been posted will need approval of an Admin."

As an example, here are two acceptable entries, one using teamsheet links and the other their character sheet:

Quote :
@Silverishness wrote:
Please put me in the safehouse for 4 days.

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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

We would request that all users follow the examples and link to their team sheets, or you may risk an Omen attack. If you are confused by anything do not hesitate to PM the safehouse mods!
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SH Management- The Safehouse Thread
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