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 Team Sheet

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PostSubject: Team Sheet   Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:41 am

Team Sheet

Seeker will post their profile first once approved. Members will reply with their character profiles, once approved. This will serve as the profile that they use regularly, which  will change as their character grows.
Original profile is NOT to be changed.
Original is to be linked in Team Sheet profile post for reference. Members will be able to edit their posts accordingly. After every quest they must adjust to reflect their current state.

After you post your profile here, take a look around your dorm. Create your bunk (image must not be too large) and request your chest color. After that, you're free to enjoy your stay.

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PostSubject: Re: Team Sheet   Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:35 pm

Text Color #E83F3F
Item Silver Pocketwatch
Weaponry None
Gender Male
Age Adult
Origin Species #??? Rahneko - The Regal Pokemon
Height 5'8"
Weight 180lbs.
Stats HP 150
Atk - 88
Def = 87
SpAtk = 101
SpDef+ 102
Spd = 146
Health Points 150
Experience Points 8587 (med fast)
Hunger 100
Thirst 100
Profession - 0 Smithing
- 0 Alchemy
- 0 Enchanting
Pokédex EntryThis pokemon once belonged to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It is known for its two tails and vigilance.
Level 53
Ability Limber: The Pokémon cannot be under the PARALYZE condition while having this ability.
Nature Calm
Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn
  • Bite
  • Assurance
  • Slash
  • Power Gem
  • History Mycroft comes from a line of Pokemon bred for contests. Their breeders sought the strongest, the brightest, the most beautiful. Much like his younger brother Kyoya, he despised the contests he was forced into. And despite the obvious beauty and intelligence that was bred in him, he didn't place well. Instead his real passion lied in criminals and the crimes that they committed. He shared this with Kyoya, and Mycroft taught his younger brother all about the human world- how to read, how to use human objects and most importantly, how to use psychology to their benefit.

    As they grew older however, they grew further and further apart. Mycrofts' unfriendly disposition was enough to drive the young Kyoya away, leaving both brothers very much alone. Neither complained much about this growing space between them however, as they were both introverts. But Kyoya always blamed his older brother for a lot of his childhood misfortunes, and grew to hate him. In return, Mycroft grew bitter towards his brother and their conversations usually devolved into accusations and name calling. But Mycroft has always felt very close to his brother, despite the distance. He developed a misplaced concern for Kyoya, and in his later years is now keeping a very close eye on the whereabouts of his brother.
    Appearance Tall, slender and sophisticated. He has a small red gem on his forehead. He dresses in gangster and 20's style mens' suits, almost always pinstriped. His hair is the same color as his ears; a cream color, and ends a little past his jawline. He usually keeps it slicked back, but sometimes wears it loose. His ears are placed atop his head. He always keeps his claws in top shape, making sure they are always razor sharp. He's always well-groomed and has very fair skin.  He has striking pale blue eyes that are very cold.
    His shoes are the classic two-tone shoes worn in the 20s.
    He has a heavy British accent and soft but commanding voice.

    He carries a silver pocketwatch that he polishes every day.
    Personality Classy, refined, reserved at all times. He hardly ever allows for any emotion to show, because he feels them to be a weakness that the majority of creatures have, and that he and his brother have effectively shed them. He is borderline sociopath, and feels emotions very differently from most. If and when he does let his anger show, he's terrifyingly brutal.
    He cares very little for the ones around him, and has very few people he actually cares about.
    He'll often say very rude and terrible things about others around him, not understanding or caring that he's being callous. His false social life has led him to become very bitter and severely lacking in empathy. He can be charming and engaging, but only when it benefits him.

    He cares very much for his younger brother, however. He's his only real weakness, and will do effectively anything for him. The sibling rivalry is very strong, as the two personalities tend to collide.

    Others tend to be very disturbed by him when he starts analyzing, as he's very blunt and eerily observant.
    He often considers others insanely stupid and doesn't hesitate to insult them at any chance he gets.

    Despite his lack of empathy and his supposed distaste for everyone, he is actually very lonely. His intelligence, like most geniuses, sets him apart from everyone and he ends up alienating himself. But he would say that the solitude is something that is necessary.
    User Notes - Brother of Kyoya
    - Very intelligent and highly keen in observational skills. He likes to analyze others' personalities and motives. He has a mind for detective work, and can think outside the box, even when it's uncomfortable.
    He can be very sociable and likeable, but it's all a show. He can act very well, fooling anyone with his show of false emotions. He's a mastermind at manipulating people, and can break down and cry without feeling a thing on the inside.
    - Original Profile
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    PostSubject: Re: Team Sheet   Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:53 pm

    Text Color #BF3EFF
    Item Smoke Ball
    Weaponry None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Origin Species #197 Umbreon/Moonlight Pokemon
    Height 5'7"
    Weight 130lbs.
    Stats HP 153
    Atk= 85
    Def= 105
    SpAtk= 73
    SpDef= 135
    Spd= 78
    Health Points 153
    Experience Points 5941 (med fast)
    Hunger 100
    Thirst 100
    Profession - 0 Smithing
    - 0 Alchemy
    - 0 Enchanting
    Pokédex EntryWhen exposed to the moon's aura, the rings on its body glow faintly and it gains a mysterious power.
    Level 44
    Ability Synchronize- As Plague is a 'cured infected,' this ability transfers that same status to any dark infected that come near him.
    Nature Lonely
    Characteristic Often Lost in thought
  • Quick Attack
  • Pursuit
  • Shadow Ball
  • Psychic
  • History Plague hails from New Johto, once fighting through hoards of undead and seeking any form of shelter that would shield them from undead eyes. He traveled with an Ampharos, Kyoya, who helped Plague through crisis after crisis and became a trusted friend. Ecruteak was filled with dangers- after combating the hoardes, a ghost from the past appeared under the guise of one of Plagues' loved ones. Kyoya, seeing through the ruse, forced Plague to reveal the ghost type for what it was; a bitter adversary from before the epidemic. After disposing of the Haunter, a creature came to them- a harbinger- that overwhelmed one of their comrades and killed her. Fleeing, they ran to the tin tower, where they found a mysterious portal amongst the ruins. Plague, drawn to the ominous hissing and whispers of it, padded closer and was suddenly sucked in. Through the portal was an underworld of impossible proportions and angles, both with and without gravity. Time stood still as the Umbreon flew through the impossible void, feeling his very existence warp into something else entirely. There was no pain, but as he flew out of the bright portal at the other end, he collapsed onto not paws, but dark, clawed hands.  
    Personality - Plague is extremely stubborn, untrusting but very trustworthy.
    - He is omnisexual, but usually keeps to himself, so many don't know this.
    - he has violent tendencies, mostly from his terrible past, but the virus still inside him is a catalyst for it, making his anger manifest in a more physical fashion.  
    - He represses his rage and darker side with everything he can, because he fears being a monster, like his father. This results in explosive and violent outbursts from him when someone pushes him over the edge. He seems to be a different personality entirely when he snaps, this amplified by the effects of the virus.
    - the virus was cured within him soon after he evolved, which gave time for the mental decay/insanity to set in. His body is healthy- he has a beating heart, but his brain was damaged.
    User Notes-Kyoya will soon be joining him as a dual once I get the art for him.
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    PostSubject: Re: Team Sheet   

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    Team Sheet
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