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 Doniivan the Levizel (Seeker)

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PostSubject: Doniivan the Levizel (Seeker)   Doniivan the Levizel (Seeker) Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2014 6:19 am

Doniivan the Levizel (Seeker) 23wkx9h

Doniivan (don-ivan) "Donny"
Text Color #90fefb
Item Pack of wares, wooden club, and a vest
Gender Cisgender male
Age Adult
Species #??? Levizel - The Sea Weasel Pokemon
Height 4'11"
Weight 109lbs
Stats HP 212 || ATT 230 || SPA 170 || DEF 140 || SPD 98 || SPEED 222
Health Points 212/212
Experience Points 10981 (Medium fast)
Hunger 100/100
Thirst 100/100
Profession Shop owner, Vagabond, Seeker
- 0 Smithing
- 0 Alchemy
- 0 Enchanting
Pokédex Entry Spinning its tails at high speed they can move at jet speed through water. It uses the fins on its arms to lash out at its opponents.
Level 60
Ability Swift Swim: Doubles speed in rain.
Nature Naughty
Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
Moves -Scald (TM)
-Ice punch (Move tutor)
-Crunch (Start)
-Rain dance (TM)

Your character's past. Must be at least two reasonable paragraphs long.

Appearance Average in aspect to colour, Doniivan stands taller than the average Levizel. He has dark crimson eyes, noticeably several shades different than average, as well as a number of long, ragged scars on his body from a life of danger. Always wearing a knowing smirk upon his lips, the weasel gives off an uneasy air to those around him, though it is unnecessary most of the time. Generally he slouches, oftentimes giving off a lazy persona, but his body is lean, healthy and muscled, and not to be underestimated.

His hands are long and strong, fingers capable and ending in sharp, pointed nails that provide easy shredding tools when needed. His pelt itself is generally clean enough, though the Levizel has personal hygiene low on his priority list, some dirt here and there never hurt anybody, as he likes to put it.

Tossed around his shoulders is a vest, the colour a mix of orange and tan alike. The cloth has a line of buttons that are never used, though he often stores things within the pockets inside. Tossed over his shoulder is a good sized pack, filled with wares and supplies alike. Strung to the left of the pack is a long, thin wooden club, it's sheath perfectly angled for Doniivan to grip and pull out in a pinch.
Personality social, perceptive
intelligent, cunning
grey judgement, sneaky, a liar
business man to the core, adamant on store policies, extremely fair, will never break a deal
curses a lot
violent, enjoys fights
patronizing, sarcastic, sexist
non existent temper
generally lazy, cant be bothered to to do work, only steps in or helps when the goal interests him

heavy wip
User Notes -Demisexual
-Extremely flirtatious
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Doniivan the Levizel (Seeker)
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