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The Rift is Open!


 The Portal Awakens

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PostSubject: The Portal Awakens   The Portal Awakens Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2015 5:18 pm

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Attention all adventurers!

The portal to Darkfall is now open to anyone who seeks treasure, fame and power!
Create and join clans with your friends, explore dungeons, learn magic and alchemy, create your own weapons and armor- all for learning the secrets of the island of Darkfall and becoming the most powerful clan! Beware the dark Omens haunting the mysterious glowing fog that overcomes the town at night! Create Pokemon, gijinkas or hybrids! Find the rarest loot before the other clans! Explore the darkest caves, the hottest volcanoes and the oldest ruins!

In our turn-based RP, dungeons will be populated by dangerous enemies and powerful bosses, which your clan will battle for loot and fame. Our complex battle system mimics that of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DS games, so your character will have stats, HP, hunger and thirst to combat throughout your travels! Even the weather will be against you, so this is not for the timid of heart!
Your clan will have limited items in your pack to use in your quests, so choose what you take wisely! Your character/s will even be able to grow in level as you travel with your clan. Forge powerful weapons with the loot that you find, empower yourself through elemental gems or go on the hunt for rare alchemical items.

Our forums offer not only adventure, but new sections, such as personal blogs, shops, garden, graveyard, and dorm RP. In our roleplay threads, we not only use turn-based, but open RP as well, which means that you can enter and leave anytime you want or RP with your friends while you're all online! Let your characters unwind and relax with their friends in town or in their dorms, or spend your free time in the garden, where you can raise a field of berries! Personalize your dorm page with customized art! Strategize with your clan and become the best on the island!
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The Portal Awakens
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