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 Team Alteration- Team Switches

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PostSubject: Team Alteration- Team Switches   Team Alteration- Team Switches Icon_minitimeThu Nov 27, 2014 4:02 pm

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About Switching Teams
If a member wishes to switch an already approved profile to a new team, you will post here in this thread. This can apply to any approved character you wish to switch over.

Now there are a few rules to go along with these switches:

  • If a user wishes to switch their character to a new team then post on this thread with what region you are in/want to move to in bold print at the top of your reply. Here is an example:

    Quote :
    Character A (Location A of Region A) move to (Location B of Region A/B)

    I wish to switch my Character A to the new team, please!

    Include links to your character's profile as it will help when moving them over.

  • Our team switch moderator will have to approve your switch.

  • When switching teams, all users are required to include a link to the last post in their previous teams to the first post in their new teams when they begin rping in their new team.

    NOTE: You will notice a new addition to your profiles titled Team Switches, and there is a starting limit of 3 switches per member. Any additional switches will have to be purchased with points.
  • The first purchase will cost 50 points, and continue to rise by 50FP with each new purchase, just like our character ticket purchases.
  • You must post in the Pok√©mart to purchase a new Team Switch.

  • These switches are not to be abused, as we want everyone to have a fair chance at new characters and new teams, so please think carefully before switching your characters.
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    Team Alteration- Team Switches
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